Ah-Choo! Is Artvigil better than Caffeine?

The symptoms of cold includes itching sore throat and runny nose. The fear of cold frequently sends patients to the hospital in a year. The wonders behind the popular ailment that is being suffered by everyone was examined by the popular science writer, Jennifer Ackerman in her book. It was explained that you cannot simply get cold when you sit outside in a cold weather.

One of the best methods to prevent cold is by washing your hands continuously and preventing it from touching your face especially when you shake hands with sick people. The cold virus is being spread via airborne means through coughs and sneezes. The most popular means of dispersing this virus is through contacts between parts of the body or objects that have being contaminated by this nasal secretion from an infected person, in other words, it is being transmitted by touching the body parts of infected person or object.

Some of the objects we touch daily that are present in places like elevators and airplanes includes elevator buttons,  Xerox machine, fridge handles, door handles in our home. Since you are not sure of the people that have just visited a place before you, this virus spreads through these means. You might also be wondering why colds are more rampant in fall and winter since the cold keeps us indoor where it is very easy for the virus to spread fast.

Some of the factors that accelerate the process of catching a cold includes depriving you of adequate sleep as this tends to expose you to cold. Another reason is hard and strenuous activities that can lead to chronic stress can expose the body to cold infection. Fatigue feelings don’t necessarily imply cold.

Caffeine, on the other hand, is found in kola nuts, coffee and tea. It is widely known for its medicinal value as a stimulant and also to increase the frequency of urination. Caffeine can be considered as an illegal type of drug. Some stimulants for the central nervous system which includes cocaine and heroin has the same properties as caffeine but the good news is that as long as you don’t exceed the prescribed amount recommended for the body which is 250mg per dose, it will not have any negative effect.

Some of the influence of caffeine on the body system includes the increase in lipolysis, shrinking of the skeletal muscles, tachycardia which means increase in the heart rate from the normal state of rest. Caffeine also raises the level of cardiac output, blood pressure and stroke volume. Too much caffeine can increase the frequency of urine, and oxygen consumption.

Even though the effects of caffeine may be alarming, it is not as dangerous as it sounds except you are experiencing conditions such as increase inflammatory indicators, high blood pressure, heart problem and high cholesterol level as this can make caffeine very harmful to your body. 85 to 300mg of caffeine is safe for the body and it still gives adequate results.

The positive effects of caffeine in the body include increase physical strength and activeness, excite state and a relaxed mood. Although, the abuse of caffeine which means taking over 400mg can increase nervousness and affect the mood. Since caffeine is also a drug, there can be scenarios of addiction which can lead to a chronic headache, reduced alertness, reduced energy level, dull mood, dizziness, foggy and fuzzy head and lack of concentration. If you experience any of the effects, it is simply due to the withdrawal from coffee and caffeine.

Caffeine has positive benefits as far as exercise is concerned although this also depends on the amount of intake of caffeine. Since caffeine boosts the body energy, it is a perfect option for those that uses the gym. Taking 200mg before workouts is my habit and I have been having a very wonderful workout moment. Although I avoid taking caffeine with coffee, I Prolab Caffeine energy pills is my perfect option as it contains an exact 200mg amount of caffeine in a single pill.

The beauty of caffeine is how it improves your endurance limit by optimizing the usage of your body fat during exercise making you last longer since it moderates the usage of glycogen. Caffeine is a perfect option for those that specializes in cardio exercise even though it has not been proved that caffeine helps to boost speed and power when running since every test performed regarding this seems to end up as a futile exercise.

A pregnant woman can also take caffeine on a moderate level even though it contradicts people believe. Experts have deduced that 150mg to 300mg range of caffeine per day is a moderate amount. The side effects of pregnant women taking a moderate amount of caffeine will be felt by the baby as it affects the regularity in the baby’s sleeping pattern since it stimulates the central nervous system. Increase heart beat and blood pressure should be avoided during pregnancy and the intake of caffeine in tea, coffee and other beverages can stimulate this. This is the reason why pregnant women should think well before taking moderate amounts of caffeine. Miscarriage, birth problems and delay in time of conception are the side effects of caffeine in pregnant women. 

Removing caffeine from your diet as a pregnant woman is a perfect decision even though research shows that moderate consumption is not harmful, the side effects are not encouraging as well hence, it is advisable to stay away from caffeine if pregnant.

The medication of Artvigil is bought based on modafinil as the substance contributes to the extracellular dopamine levels. The effect of Artvigil lasts for 12 hours in the body after which it does not have any further side effect in the body.  Artvigil does not increase blood pressure neither does it raise the stress hormone level unlike caffeine. It doesn’t lead to withdrawal syndrome as in the case of coffee as this leads to headache, anxiety and tiredness.  Only a single pill of Artvigil is enough to keep you focused and awake for 10 to 12 hours.

The mystery surrounding caffeine has made the consumption very controversial as some scientists have proved caffeine in teas, coffee and other beverages  to be harmful while others concluded that it is not harmful if the intake is on a minimal level. The advantage of caffeine in exercise has not really being concluded has there is no research showing how caffeine boosts speed and power during exercise. We only know that caffeine tends to extend the lasting period during exercise. The amount of caffeine consumed before exercise is a function of how people respond to the drug.

It is advisable for pregnant women to consult their doctors before taking caffeine since many experts have concluded that moderate intake of caffeine can be injurious to a pregnant woman and some believe that moderate amount can delay conception and lead to miscarriages.

Boosting our energy level is a very good tip to living a healthy life. There are only limited people that are able to work at their maximum capacity without boosting their energy level especially with coffee. Due to the harmful effects of coffee, Generic Artvigil becomes an alternative solution. The active substance was manufactured by French pharmaceutical company.

The embarrassing nature of cold is alarming, The runny nose and naïve experience we undergo while trying to cure it can be frustrating especially after spending a lot in terms of constant washing of hands and purchase of airborne immunity enhancers while trying to prevent it. Research shows that an average human being experiences cold 100 to 200 times in their lifetime.

There are many hidden facts about this virus, especially the fact that it easily spreads in cold weather since there is tendency for us to stay inside during this period. The common cold is simply the combination of different viruses that leads to the same outcome which includes a runny nose, cough and constant sneezing. The reason for the delay in the cure for common cold is that scientists have only been successful in creating vaccines based on the prediction of strain present during winter when solving problems involving flu but for cold viruses, they are just too many to figure out.

One huge assumption about cold is that those people with weaker immune systems tend to be affected by the virus but this is not true as boosting any components of the immune system is not really the solution to cold problems since this might even worsen the case. Some of the factors that influence cold susceptibility includes age, making teenagers very susceptible to the influence of cold when compared to old people.  Another factor is sleep and stress as this can also lead to a cold.

Although this has not been fully understood, there seem to be a relationship between the socio-economic factors in childhood and their ability to catch a cold.  It was concluded that the number of years parents owned their house plays a great role in the proximity of their children catching a cold in their adult stage. This means that the higher the number of years your parent owned a home, the lower your risk of catching a cold.

People are still contemplating on the means through which cold spreads, some concluded that it’s through contacts from one hand to another or from one hand to an object, some people also concluded that cold virus is spread by airborne droplets present in sneezing.  Rhinovirus is the most common cold virus and it spreads through nasal secretions. Cold viruses operate in such a way that they are secreted in the nose where they increase at a very fast rate and can be found in large quantities especially with those that are affected with colds. When you cover your nose with your hands while sneezing, they get contaminated and this can be easily spread from one hand to another through contact.

After considering the effects of Artvigil and Caffeine as a stimulant, Caffeine seems to be better with modafinil being a perfect solution to caffeine shortcomings.