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3rd international conference on primate genomics

The Washington National Primate Research Center invites you to attend the 3rd International Conference on Primate Genomics. Featured speakers include Dr. Barbara Alving (Director, NCRR), Dr. Francis Collins (Director, NHGRI), and Dr. Donald Johanson (Director, Institute of Human Origins). Please use the link below to visit the conference Web site and be sure to mark your calendars for this important event.

Primate Genomics and Human Disease, April 13-16, 2008, Seattle, Washington


Publication Highlight

Tumpey et al. Science 315:655-659

Terry Tumpey et al. show that two amino acid mutations that cause a switch in receptor binding preference from the human alpha-2,6 to the avian alpha-2,3 sialic acid results in a virus incapable of respiratory droplet transmission between ferrets but that maintains its lethality and replication efficiency in the upper respiratory tract. These findings confirm an essential role of hemagglutinin receptor specificity for the transmission of influenza viruses among mammals.


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